Dimitra Koniari
Dimitra Koniarirecruitment specialist
Katerina Michalaki
Katerina Michalaki recruitment specialist
Vasia Petraki
Vasia Petrakirecruitment specialist
Effie Skouroliakou
Effie Skouroliakourecruitment specialist
Emrah Mokan
Emrah Mokandigital content creator
Konstantinos Tzouros
Konstantinos Tzourostechnical advisor
Spathis Giorgos
Spathis Giorgosrecruitment manager
Dimitris Soldatos
Dimitris Soldatosmanaging director

we are

We are Speakit, a recruitment firm consisting of young professionals with the sole scope of connecting talents with job opportunities around Europe.

Our main priority is our candidates’ experience! With the utmost respect to your needs & aspirations, we guide you through the whole process and help you take the next step in your career.

We give you the opportunity to live new experiences, meet new people, and develop new skills.

We have created a European multilingual community, consisting of candidates, clients, and partners that share the same values & interests. Career development, traveling & exploring new lands, is what freedom means to us.

We strive for excellence both towards our candidates and our clients, by cooperating with multinational companies that are leaders in their field and entail an employer of choice for our candidates.

Speakit values:

We do not just understand the language of recruitment, we Speakit.