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focused on european projects with the love of collaboration.

hi! we’re speakit a start up recruitment company with users, clients & team members from all over europe and we’re here to help reach your dream job.
we believe that every new cooperation is another flash of eureka! to understand the new, we want to grow old with you; to discover the far untouched places, we are willing to stay close to you; we dream of speaking it, learning it and looking for it together!
we all are what we look for,
we’re looking for you.

corporate social responsibility

we found a way to invest in nature too, not just ads.

A good promotion strategy is always more effective than a big amount of budget.
In the very first days of 2020 we’ve announced our Instagram campaign with #SpeakitLoudly hashtag. After the bushfire in Australia, we decided to donate our Instagram page opening budget to reforestation of Australia. We announced that we will donate by the name of our new followers in January & hundreds of people joined us on our road.
We believe this is the power of digital! We gained new followers that we’re looking for, nature took a fresh breath which is needed by all of us.

I want to thank Giorgos for a great experience after 1 year of co-working. He has always cared about our needs and helped us to understand the changes of new generations. Hope to continue working with you.

Nikolas Siavos - client

“I coordinate OneTreePlanted’s partners in Europe. Just looked at your website and seems like a great resource for jobs around Europe. It’s great to hear you are interested in being a business partner with us and planting trees! Best regards.”

Louis Lagoutte - business partner, One Tree Planted

“Very supportive! Thank you for quick responses mates! 5/5 stars.”

Emma Miller - Candidate, Facebook Review

“It was a great experience with Vasia during the progress of my application. She kept me updated and explained the situations with an easy language to understand. I never felt alone during this time, thanks for every single second!”

Slavkoh Baltaszar - Candidate

“I can’t thank you enough Dimitra. You were very professional, excellent in following up and always kept me in the loop.”

@stereo... - candidate, Instagram DM